Heaven On Earth


When I was a kid I had some ideas about how to make (my) human life better. Today those ideas seem like superpowers.

  1. Sleep is not necessary. Why sleep when there’s so much fun stuff to do?
  2. Knowing the future. If I only knew what was coming, I’d be prepared for it!
  3. Clothes, utensils, plates and cups would all be disposable. No more washing dishes or clothes.
  4. Ability to fly. At supersonic speeds, of course.
  5. Everyone would get along; no more wars or schoolyard fights. Peace out, man.
  6. I would be accepted and liked just as I am.
  7. Bad people should be isolated to an island far away from the rest of us.

In other words… I was daydreaming about heaven from a child’s perspective.

We won’t need sleep or rest. The future will be moot since we’ll be spending eternity with our Father. I understand robes will be spotless, so no need for washing. Flying? Why not? No more fighting, in any form. We will forever know we are accepted and liked by God Himself. Bad people, who reject God, will be isolated.

As we all spend eternity with our King and our Father, we will be constantly captivated by God instead of ourselves.The breath of God created that longing in us. The grace of God will make it a reality.

Our hearts seem to know what it should be like (to the best of our limited imaginations). That longing for peace, joy, acceptance, tenderness, grace that we so rarely find here is rooted in our eternal souls. I suppose that’s why, when our lives are joyful and peaceful and beautiful, we use the phrase “heaven on earth”.

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