Sole Troubles & Soul Troubles


My previous post was titled “Seize The Fish” and was supposed to be a clever twist on a misunderstanding of what carpe diem means. About the time I was writing “Seize The Fish”, my Mom and Dad were traveling home from their weekly “Taco Tuesday” dinner out. On their drive, Dad noticed a man walking along the side of the road and made a comment about “that man is hurting”.

They made some turns to backtrack and came to a parking lot near the man, where they observed he had no shoes. He walking on the roadside in socks. The man told them his story: he had been released from jail that day and was walking toward home, several miles away. His shoes were not among the possessions returned to him. Maybe they had been lost or stolen or misplaced. Who knows?

Dad gave the man his own shoes, and he asked him if he knew Jesus. He said no, but he knew he needed to go to church; life hadn’t been pleasant lately. Dad led the young man to Jesus in that parking lot.

This story reminds me that every situation has meaning to God, even if we humans can’t see it. Being released from jail is a great feeling; being told your shoes are gone… not so much. Especially if you have a 20-mile walk ahead of you.

Maybe Mom and Dad wouldn’t have noticed this man if he were walking down the side of the road normally. Mom and Dad are like that: they talk to people about Jesus. A lot. Everywhere.

I draw some conclusions from this story:

Keep an extra pair of shoes in the truck.

My parents are a blessing to many.

You may feel down & out just about the time God is executing your rescue.

When you notice someone is “hurting”, don’t just help with their physical pain.

Better to have a saved soul than saved soles. (I couldn’t resist)

Release from jail = good. Release from hell = priceless.

As a fisher of men, carpe diem might actually turn out to be “seize the fish!”

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