10 Things I Forgot To Remember This Week


  1. On the busiest days spend more time with God, not less.

  2. When plans are disrupted, destroyed, delayed, remember that plans are simply expectations. When expectations are not met, resentments are born. Let go of expectations, and ask God to show you what He is doing in these moments.

  3. Love your neighbor; whomever God places in front of you: store clerks, the other commuters, panhandlers, brother-in-law, the door-to-door salesperson, your spouse, your boss, your enemy.

  4. Fear not. When you notice fear, you are contemplating the future. Jesus instructs us to focus on today, and not to worry about the future.

  5. Resent not. When you notice resentment, you are rekindling emotions about past wounds and failures. Focus on today, and do not dwell on the past.

  6. As believers, we are to show the attributes of our great God: patience, kindness, mercy, compassion, love, peace, generosity, selflessness. When these are missing in us, we are showing our attributes, not God’s. Pray for God to shine through you.

  7. Do not ask God to make you this or that. Ask Him to invite you into what He is doing today. Co-labor with God, instead of asking God to co-labor with your plans.

  8. There is no reason to envy another person. Envy is the gilded view of another’s life; it does not reveal the difficulties, pains, losses or hardships they have to endure. Rejoice in what you have been given by God!

  9. Nurture an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude is the antidote to selfishness, negative thoughts, envy, lust, hatred. In every day – even the most difficult – there is something to be grateful for. So… thank God!

  10. Talk to your Father throughout the day. Every day. You have never been alone, not even for a moment. He has always been there. He is not shocked at your sin, He is not put-off by your selfishness, He is not surprised by your failures. He loves you more than you can comprehend.

Fathers Day is just around the corner. When I call my Dad we will have a wonderful talk – we always do. We will lose track of time and chat for an hour, laughing at each other’s stories, celebrating each other’s good news, hearing what to pray for; he will encourage me to persevere, to stay the course, to talk to our mutual Father.

These moments help me to remember:

If my earthly father enjoys hearing from me, wouldn’t my heavenly Father enjoy the same?

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