Still Standing


Dear God,

We’ve gone mad down here.

Some NFL football players are refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Some politicians are refusing to stand for… well, anything that matters.

Some insist on standing their ground, even as their pettiness stinks up the atmosphere.

Some people are refusing to stand up for their neighbors.

Some people are having a difficult time standing still.

And some people are just trying to stand up again.

As the people of the world (again) seem determined to fall apart or blow up or freak out or go nuts or just go selfishly rogue, we can get distracted by the noise and the nuisance of it all. Humans can be so full of… drama.

Remind us anew: our eyes should be on You – the only constant we will ever know. Everything else is just a distraction.

We need You. We need Your presence and the peace that comes with it.

Give us the power and courage and faith to stand firm on Your promises, stand tall in Your righteousness, stand still in the midst of the chaos, and stand up for the situations that matter.

There are people who need to know You are near. Who need to be reminded they are loved. Who question how long this present darkness will persist.

Somewhere in the midst of this madness, You will be glorified. We long to see it.

“But my eyes are toward you, O GOD, my Lord; in you I seek refuge.” Psalm 141:8 

p.s.  The Dallas Cowboys could use a little help. If You don’t mind.



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