As Big As The Sky


Most people ignore us. It is probably for the best. The entirety of who we are is not known by anyone, including ourselves. God alone sees us fully. And that is preferable; nary a soul is lovable every single second of their earthly lives. This isn’t The Truman Show, thank goodness.

From first breath to last, the dull routines and erratic extremes of our existence play out day after day; on display for lifelong witnesses and innocent bystanders alike: those who marvel, fear, admire, shun, love, hate, forgive or ignore us. And we, who launch ourselves into the lives of others like grand gestures, as big as the sky… know not our own capacity to love or harm. C. S. Lewis wrote, we “have never met a mere mortal”. We are eternal. For better or worse.

Earlier this week I was rendered speechless by a sunset. While marveling at what I had just seen, I drove around a corner and came face-to-face with a full moon. It was just hanging there, as if waiting for me to arrive. I was captivated by the overwhelming generosity of a God who would share these marvelous visuals with me. And I thought, “You do this every day“.


We emerge into our lives like a new day; celebrated, awaited, unknown.


Our youth spent in play and undiluted joy.


We find we can sometimes be threatening.


But we often choose to drift along lazily, without effort.


At times we can be so intense that others run away.


More frequently, we cast clouds as far as we can reach; our light barely visible.


We are calm when we are at peace;


And hopeful, when promise hangs in the air.


We come to realize some things can only be seen in the darkest of times.


Eventually we come to our own sunset; hopefully a glorious end of our fading light.



And then, though no longer visible, our lingering light reveals colors that could not seen at any other time of our lives.



The skies proclaim the work of His hands.

Psalm 19:1

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