Curing Blindness


There are several stories in the Bible about Jesus healing blind people. Interestingly, Jesus employed different means to perform these miracles: words, touch, spit, mud.

Jesus’ healing the blind is my favorite type of miracle story in the Bible. It is symbolic for me. There was life before, when I was spiritually blind. Then I met Jesus and suddenly I could see. It is no less a miracle than healing physical blindness.

Considering that blindness is a life-changer, we can empathize that it was even more so in ancient days. The limitations can be substantial. Blindness might even contribute to whether one could get food to eat.

Recently I was watching BBC’s series Planet Earth: Human Planet, and one of the episodes was about people living on mountains. The show described how people at high altitudes can lose their sight as a result of the sun’s UV rays not being as filtered as it is near sea level. Can you imagine being blind on a mountain? One misstep and it’s a long, long fall.

The TV show included a segment about Dr. Ruit who travels into the Himalayan mountains, sets up a mobile operating room, and performs eye surgery to restore sight to the blind. For free. I was looked into Dr. Ruit and found he is a part (and co-founder) of a charitable organization called This organization supports doctors all over the world that help restore sight for people. For free.

A suggestion: this Christmas, perhaps some of the money we spend on gifts could be directed to this charity on behalf of a person we know. Personally, I am asking family and friends to forego gifts for me and instead donate to the charity… and mention that the gift is in the name of Jesus, the One who still heals spiritual blindness.

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