Promise, Fulfilled


We are unable to comprehend the fullness of God, try as we might. We simply do not have the capacity. Jesus is our best personification of God, and look what we did to Him. As Blaise Pascal said,

”God created man in His own image, and man returned the favor.”

  • Eternity – The concept of eternity is impossible to grasp because we do not have any experience or observation of anything eternal. We can only imagine what eternity might be like. Someone helped me grasp the how timeless God is by drawing a line on a piece of paper, like the image above, then explaining: the line represents time, and the paper represents God. God is not constrained by time, time is constrained by God. After all, He created it.
  • Love – We use fairy tales to describe perfect love. Fairy tales! It’s almost like we want to mock ourselves. Outside of God, we’ve never experienced perfect love. Yes, the love of a parent toward a child can be pure and unconditional but still never perfect.
  • Satisfied – The closest we’ve gotten to being fully satisfied is a temporary and tenuous feeling of contentment. How long did that last?
  • Glory – Humans glorify celebrities, fame, wealth, beauty, and royalty. Yet these are mere shadows of glory. If we saw true glory, we would fall prostate on the ground and tremble in its presence.
  • Peace – We pray for peace on earth but do we really expect it to happen? And that peace can last? How long could it possibly last before some jerk messes it up? I can’t drive half an hour in rush hour traffic without sensing a loss of peace. I’m probably one of the jerks that would mess up worldly peace.
  • Presence – If you have experienced, just for a moment, another person being fully, 100% present with you – connected to every detail and nuance of what you were saying and thinking and doing and sharing – you’ve had a brief glimpse of what it might be like to have the full attention of God on you. Yet, His promise is so outrageous it is difficult to comprehend: I will never leave you. He is always fully present with you.

I could go on but you get the point. If we accept that our rarest resource – time – is but a simple tool in the hands of God, can we also accept that God’s love is infinitely bigger than ours?

Some folks come for Christmas Eve church service, light a candle, sing a carol, maybe whisper a prayer, then scurry off to the next holiday activity on the list. I know this happens; I used to do it. The busyness and the business of the holiday can obscure the reason for celebrating it: God, with us. Yet…

The arrival of Jesus on earth was the fulfillment of the great promise of God. The Savior of the world was finally present in our midst, and in our mess. Generations had eagerly awaited this moment in time. Prophets declared it from divine visions. Kings feared it would happen during their reign. Some begged God to let them live long enough to see it.

Do we see Jesus this way: the fulfillment of all our hopes and dreams and desires? Or do we envision Him more as a mythical person that we remember during Christmas holidays, like Santa?

Could we take a moment and ponder the selflessness, the transparency, the majesty, the gratuitous generosity and tenderness of God willingly stepping into the mess we created? Can we try to fathom the desperation and beauty of our Father’s love for us?

Is it possible that we could pause long enough to grasp the perpetual truth: God has never been against us; He is and was and ever will be eternally devoted to us?

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