My company has experienced tumultuous times over the last couple of years. Our department has diminished to a handful of hard-working employees. In the last few months we lost two long-time and heavily-invested people who were once deemed critical to the company’s success. There was fear that one of these individuals might leave the company:… Read More Remembered

Hard Day

I had a really hard day. And I didn’t do some things I’ve been taught to do on days like this. I didn’t call my closest friends. I didn’t journal. I didn’t pull up a Bible app on my phone and read from Psalms. I didn’t find a quiet place to meditate with my Jesus.… Read More Hard Day


Psychology Today defines fear as “an internal response to a perceived threat”. While fear is very real, what we fear may not be real at all. That’s why the definition includes the word perceived. In 12-step recovery, we come to realize that fear is often based on nothing more than our expectations; we had become fearful… Read More F.E.A.R.