Old Friend

Today is my 57th birthday. I woke this morning and my first prayer of the day was: “God, thank You for 57 years. It has been an incredible adventure, and I am surprised to make it this far.”  Before the day was over, I would learn that a friend from the old days had passed… Read More Old Friend

Gift Wrapping

In the U.S., we spend $3 billion a year on gift wrap. $3,000,000,000 for colored paper. Each year. We place a high value on wrapping gifts. I gotta ask… why? Why do we spend so much on something destined for the recycle bin? Presentation perhaps. It looks nice. It reflects care and attention. Then there’s… Read More Gift Wrapping


We mourn the loss of possessions, youth, vitality, money, relationships, status, power, jobs. We mourn the loss of our idols. We would be rightly judged as embracing “loss prevention”. We eventually struggle with the final loss of death. In a recent message, my pastor described death as “the vehicle that takes you to God”. Death… Read More Blessed

Growing Young

In the U.S. we are just about to celebrate our Independence Day on July 4th. It is customary to have parties, grill out, and watch fireworks. I remember being mesmerized by fireworks. It almost seemed like a perfect ending to a perfect day. Being that fireworks were done late in the evening, invariably some fathers… Read More Growing Young

Hard Day

I had a really hard day. And I didn’t do some things I’ve been taught to do on days like this. I didn’t call my closest friends. I didn’t journal. I didn’t pull up a Bible app on my phone and read from Psalms. I didn’t find a quiet place to meditate with my Jesus.… Read More Hard Day

Proper Pronunciation

One day at work… VP:         “I want to see if you are interested in taking on more responsibility.” Me:        “What did you have in mind?”                     VP:         “I’d like you to take over this team (holds up an organization chart).” Me:        “That is quite a lot more responsibility.”   VP:         “It will be a stretch.” Me:        “I… Read More Proper Pronunciation


Lately I’ve been watching Planet Earth II on BBC. The first episode aired in the U.S. two weeks ago. The videography is incredible. I found myself awe-struck after each of the two episodes I’ve seen. The captivating creativity and wonder of God’s creation is staggering. This led me to ponder how God has created us to… Read More Beautiful


I’ve just read Donald Miller’s book, Blue Like Jazz, for a second time. I was captured anew by a phrase in the book: we use love as currency. That is not a complimentary statement. And he wasn’t referring to humans in general. He was referring to church-going people in general. In one section he remarks… Read More As-Is