Life Stories

You gotta grow where you’re planted… Sometimes I sits. Sometimes I sits and thinks. I’ve been thinking about this for a long while. About 15 years or so. I finally decided to give it a shot. It’s called “Life Stories” and maybe will become a collection of humorous and/or dramatic real-life stories from my personal… Read More Life Stories


We mourn the loss of possessions, youth, vitality, money, relationships, status, power, jobs. We mourn the loss of our idols. We would be rightly judged as embracing “loss prevention”. We eventually struggle with the final loss of death. In a recent message, my pastor described death as “the vehicle that takes you to God”. Death… Read More Blessed


For all the questions that plague our species, we generally only ask five types: What, When, Where, How, Why. The media industry races around to give us answers to these questions… however slanted their perspectives may be. We gorge on facts about natural phenomenon, mass tragedies, the latest political scandal, whatever a Kardashian is, and… Read More Who?

Love: The Most Powerful Force On Earth

I’ve just come from a wedding where I was invited to give a short speech, a toast. Usually weddings involve dressing up in not-so-comfortable clothes, sitting on not-so-comfortable chairs, having not-so-comfortable conversations with people we don’t know very well. And we try to look comfortable doing it. Or maybe that’s just me. In the days… Read More Love: The Most Powerful Force On Earth

Out Of Gas

One of the results of Hurricane Harvey was an imaginary gasoline shortage in the Dallas Texas area, where I live. One by one, gas stations and convenience stores ran out of fuel as fear-filled drivers waited, sometimes for hours, to fuel up their vehicles. I visited 5 stations before I was even able to find… Read More Out Of Gas