For all the questions that plague our species, we generally only ask five types: What, When, Where, How, Why. The media industry races around to give us answers to these questions… however slanted their perspectives may be. We gorge on facts about natural phenomenon, mass tragedies, the latest political scandal, whatever a Kardashian is, and… Read More Who?

Love: The Most Powerful Force On Earth

I’ve just come from a wedding where I was invited to give a short speech, a toast. Usually weddings involve dressing up in not-so-comfortable clothes, sitting on not-so-comfortable chairs, having not-so-comfortable conversations with people we don’t know very well. And we try to look comfortable doing it. Or maybe that’s just me. In the days… Read More Love: The Most Powerful Force On Earth

Out Of Gas

One of the results of Hurricane Harvey was an imaginary gasoline shortage in the Dallas Texas area, where I live. One by one, gas stations and convenience stores ran out of fuel as fear-filled drivers waited, sometimes for hours, to fuel up their vehicles. I visited 5 stations before I was even able to find… Read More Out Of Gas


My company has experienced tumultuous times over the last couple of years. Our department has diminished to a handful of hard-working employees. In the last few months we lost two long-time and heavily-invested people who were once deemed critical to the company’s success. There was fear that one of these individuals might leave the company:… Read More Remembered

Growing Young

In the U.S. we are just about to celebrate our Independence Day on July 4th. It is customary to have parties, grill out, and watch fireworks. I remember being mesmerized by fireworks. It almost seemed like a perfect ending to a perfect day. Being that fireworks were done late in the evening, invariably some fathers… Read More Growing Young

Hard Day

I had a really hard day. And I didn’t do some things I’ve been taught to do on days like this. I didn’t call my closest friends. I didn’t journal. I didn’t pull up a Bible app on my phone and read from Psalms. I didn’t find a quiet place to meditate with my Jesus.… Read More Hard Day